Regarding Father’s Day

Regarding Father’s Day

There was a time in my life I never thought of Father’s Day beyond my own dad and grandfather.

Both have been amazing influences in my life. Of course, it took me until adulthood to fully appreciate that fact, but I suppose that’s to be expected.

Growing up during the time I did, I knew very little about strained parental relationships or households suffering from the unimaginable. Whether it was a sheltered lifestyle or willful ignorance on my part, I’ve since learned not everyone’s reality was the same as mine.

I don’t know when exactly or why it happened. However, a culmination of events have changed me and my feelings regarding a lot of holidays, but especially Father’s Day.

While the day is nothing short of a celebration for my family, I tend to find myself in a darkened place the days leading up to and shortly after the actual day.

I think about those for whom Father’s Day is a reminder of an innocence lost.

I think about those who didn’t or don’t know what it’s like to have a positive male influence in their lives.

I think about those who lost their fathers too soon, and the loss feels unbearable.

I think about those who are caring for their ageing parent not knowing how much time is left.

I think about those who desperately want to be fathers and, for whatever reason, life has dealt them a very different hand.

I think about all of those people where every commercial, store signage, or social media post holds the potential to reinforce what Father’s Day means for them.

To any of you for which any of the above holds true, know someone is thinking about you.

Sending love, light, and peace:


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